A revolutionary blockchain based talent discovery platform and home of the world’s most skilled individuals

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Why this changes everything?

The world is evolving, technology is evolving and talent scouting should be evolving, too. Our innovative new system will change the way that talent meets the world and allow users to monetise their skills through the power of blockchain: with no need for complicated contracts or industry connections. For companies, being able to connect directly with creatives will save them thousands on agent fees. For creatives, having access to companies who need their skills will open up doors of opportunities. Putting talented people in the spotlight is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that, in an age of social media helping people get famous for doing stupid things,creatives deserve their chance to shine.

Core Benefits And Features

Marketplace for Talents

Our talent database is home to some of the world’s most skilled individuals: putting them right at your fingertips

Empowered Users

Talented people no longer need to hide in the dark. Through our platform, they can showcase their skills to the world

Connecting the World

No matter where you are in the world, you can connect with the people who can help elevate your passions

Online Competitions

Companies can launch sponsored competitions that’ll help them find and reward talented people

The YNQ coin

Platform users will be rewarded with the Younique coin, YNQ

Pocket-sized Platform

There’s no need to travel the world to attend auditions or scout talent: our mobile app brings the world to your pocket


Beta Release (doesn’t include blockchain)

Users can use a fully fledged Younique App without the integrated blockchain

ICO Pre-sale

Early investors can take advantage of purchasing tokens at a reduced rate


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SMT implementation

Platform features will be made available step-by-step

Full Release with integrated blockchain

Users can use a fully operational Younique App with integrated blockchain and start monetising their skills through the YNQ coin

Talents Exposed!

Putting talented people in the spotlight

Team Behind Younique

Check who is the driving force behind the scenes

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